Passive Income 1000 Dollars a Month

A 1000 dollars a month passive income is a useful aid. Many beginner investors take interest in how to save this capital and how much it needs to invest at the initial stage. Well, to meet the goal, one should have a look at the main investing tools and pick the most relevant option.

What is passive income?

Passive income is a kind of earnings, which does not require active actions. As an example, bank deposits and interests from them may be given, as well as income from renting apartments, commercial real estate, cars, etc.

Unfortunately, not all types of passive income can bring a big income. Besides, some areas require a huge financial investment. For example, to rent an apartment, first, you need to buy it.

However, there are ways of getting passive income with higher profitability. So, where you should invest money to get $1000 every month? Let's study the issue in more detail.

Where to invest?

One can invest money in any direction of passive income. Besides, you can invest in several directions at the same time, which significantly mitigates the risks of losing funds. Let’s consider the most popular directions for today.

Bank deposits

Bank deposits refer to the most popular investment tools. Moreover, some people use them hoping for a large profit. How much money do you need to deposit to get $1000 every month?

So, let’s take an average rate, which is not more than 6% per year. To get $100 000 passive income, you need to deposit $200 000. You should also take into account tax deductions. It appears that your account should have not less than $210000.

Thus, a bank deposit can be hardly called a successful investment if you consider inflation. Moreover, not every person has such an amount of money.

Renting of apartments

Some investors use residential property to get an income. How many apartments do you need to rent to get an income of about $1000 per month?

Well, the average renting income is 5-7%. We’ve got the same calculation as with bank deposits. To get an income, you need apartments costing $200000-250000 in total.

None lessor has such a number of apartments. No one will intentionally buy residential property to get a passive income. As rule, people give inherited or vacant dwellings for rent. It is very important to take into account the tear wear of premises, repair costs, etc.

Renting commercial premises

In this case, profitability can be from 10% and higher. The category of commercial real estate includes different offices, trading areas, warehouses, etc. If we take 10% profitability, then to get a $100 000 monthly profit, an investment of about $150,000 will be required. However, it is important to remember about taxes. After their deduction, the minimum investment amount must be at least $ 150,000.

Business investment

When investing in a business, you can expect a return of 20% or more. It is important to understand that the larger the investment, the higher the risks. No business is safe from bankruptcy. In a nutshell, along with passive income, you risk losing your first payment.

You can invest in the development and opening of various stores, retail areas, manufacturing companies, etc. The choice in this case is unlimited. If you wish, you can invest in several directions at once.

So, since the return on investment is higher, the amount of investment decreases compared to the previous cases. To get $1,000 per month, you will need an initial capital of $100,000.


Do not take for microfinance institutions. Loans to individuals are usually secured by real estate. The credit rate is 24-36% per year or 2-3% per month. We take as a basis the rate of 25% per year. Based on simple calculations, to get $1,000, you would need a deposit of almost $50,000.

Is it possible to earn 1000 dollars per month in Forex?

Trading or professional work in the foreign exchange market can bring in much more than $1,000. However, it is important to understand that in the case of Forex there is no stable income. The amount of earnings depends on many factors.

Just like in other industries, Forex provides the opportunity to get a passive income. However, its level is also not fixed. Much depends on the trader himself, his ability to see and analyze the situation, make informed decisions. As passive income sources, you can use:

PAMM accounts

•are one of the types of trust management. Simply put, you transfer funds to a manager.

Copying the transactions of successful traders – you get a chance to use the strategies of successful traders on your accounts.

Trading advisors

•are special programs, which allow completely automating the trading process. They can make decisions on their own, analyze the market, open and close transactions.

A great example is Chinese trader Chen Likui. He managed to earn over $1000 in several weeks having 100 dollars. There are numerous examples like this. However, to this end, you have to choose tools in a competent way.

Despite the fact that there’s no fixed income on the currency market, you can get a stable income. Such indicators as leverage level and size of a bank deposit have a direct impact on the profit size. Simply put, the more money you invested, the more you can get. It is also important to assess the world’s foreign economic situation, political and military situations, etc.

For example, a trader sticks to moderate strategies, tries to avoid big risks and any dangers, he carefully thinks over every step he takes. In this case, his monthly income may be up to 100% of the deposit. However, in most cases, these indicators are lower. For example, the profitability of a $500 deposit per month is usually 12-13%, and that of a $1000 deposit – 21-22%. It depends on you only how much you can earn on the currency market. You can reach the required amount both in a month and in a year.

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