How to Trade in Forex

Trading in the Forex market can become a great source of income. However, one has to take some pains to this end. Most beginners suffer losses because they’re missing a clear understanding of the principles of the exchange. Before you try your hand in currency pair trading, it’s necessary to puzzle out the basic Forex notions, as well as to make up a clear action plan.

Where to complete your Forex market training

It’s impossible to achieve results without knowledge. This is precisely why before starting trading, a beginner needs to complete his training. Where and how to do it?

Trading courses and schools

Trading courses may be divided into two groups: taught by broker companies and private bodies not related to brokers. Official training costs a bundle. That said, it can be really hard to choose good courses. Nonetheless, it’s better to start completing courses with brokers because they often provide free lessons, classes, and workshops.


If you are self-confident, you can learn the basics of Forex trading on your own. Beginners often fall back on courses, workshops, forums, etc. You can find necessary knowledge everywhere. However, it is important to realize that any knowledge becomes irrelevant over time.

Searching for a mentor
A mentor is a person who will guide you along your learning way. He or she will point out the mistakes you make, share his or her experience, help you puzzle out the ins and outs of trading. However, the services of a good mentor cost an arm and a leg.

Important! It’s not enough to complete one’s training and visit courses once only for successful Forex trading. You should always upgrade your knowledge, improve your skills and abilities. Only in this case, you can achieve great success in trading.

Selecting a broker and suitable conditions

After training and learning the ropes of the currency market, a beginner needs to choose a broker. That’s an intermediary via which a trader is trading. It can be difficult to choose a reliable broker. To avoid mistakes, experienced market players recommend considering the following aspects:

License availability. A broker company should have the official license of Central Bank (for Russian companies). You can check the information on the regulator’s official site.
Reliability and reputation. There are special rating agencies, which provide this information. You can also study the feedback of company’s real clients.
Length of experience. The longer a company operates, the better. Give preference to companies, which have been operating on the market for over 5 years. Beginner brokers may be frauds.
The convenience of cooperation. Pay attention to the size of fees, spreads, minimum deposit. Find out whether a broker provides credit leveraging. Also, find out whether a company has a mobile or desktop app.

The more careful you approach the selection of a broker, the easier it will be for you in the future.

How to choose the amount on deposit?

You can start Forex trading from a small amount. Some beginners purposefully look for brokers with a 5-10 USD minimum deposit. But is it really good?

Actually, a small deposit is not an advantage.  Standard 100 000 USD lots are used for trading on the exchange. It turns out that when having a minimum deposit you’ll have to get big credit leveraging. In such a way, room for trader’s mistake reduces to zero.

So, the more funds on your account, the better. You should start trading with a deposit of 250-500 USD. Nonetheless, if you don’t have this amount but still want to try your hand in the currency market, you can start with a minimum deposit.

First steps in Forex: what a beginner should do?

Once you decide on a broker and minimum deposit, you need to install a trading terminal. This is software, which is to be installed on a mobile device, a PC or a laptop, and provides 24/7 access to trading on the exchange.

You need to install the app on the broker’s official site. No matter what do not install software from third-party resources. Following the terminal installation and launch, go to the File menu and connect to a trading account. You’ll have to enter your number and password. Real easy.
There are also WEB terminals. You do not need to download them because they are already installed on a public server. To start using them, you need to go to the required address and enter personal data. The only drawback of this app is its lower operating speed.

If you’re afraid of taking the first steps, you may try a demo account. It is completely identical to the real one except that virtual money is traded. That’s an optimum alternative for a beginner trader who lacks the knowledge and ideas of the exchange operation.

Market analysis
One of the main skills any trader has to master is the ability to analyze the market. There are technical and fundamental analyses. It’s necessary to make sense of the both ideas.
Technical analysis is based on studying charts, statistics, tables. Using it, you can predict price behavior on the market. Many professional traders prefer technical analysis. It’s worth taking some time to learn its basics.

Fundamental analysis is based on the economic and political situation in a given country. To get estimates, economic calendars are used, new laws, a military situation in a state, etc. are considered.

The best idea is to combine both types of analysis to get a clearer picture of what is going on. The fundamental analysis suits long-term transactions, while the technical one allows determining the best conditions for opening a position here and now.

Strategy selection

It makes little sense to start trading in Forex without having a strategy. You should have a clear plan regarding every step of yours. A trader may follow someone else’s strategy or develop his own one. One can test the chosen plan using a demo account. The strategy includes a sequence of actions the trader should follow.

All Forex market strategies are divided into groups. They may be short-term, middle-term, or long-term. When choosing the ideal strategy for yourself, experienced traders recommend considering three major criteria:

•Identify your psychological type: sanguine, choleric, melancholic, or phlegmatic.
•Adequately assess the level of your professionalism and knowledge.
•Decide on how much time you’ll dedicate to exchange trading.

A suitable strategy is half the battle.

Step-by-step algorithm for beginners

So, to start trading in the Forex currency market, beginners may follow the next algorithm:

Explore the trading basics: you can watch free courses from an intermediary, visit financial workshops, read books, etc.
Choose a suitable broker resting on your preferences and stipulated conditions.
Undergo the registration procedure enrolment on the site, authenticate your identity by providing documents.
Open an account and deposit: the optimum deposit size for a beginner is 100-300 USD.
Install a trading app: make sure to install the terminal from the intermediary’s official site.
Choose a strategy, which fits you, and analyze it: to this end, you can use a demo account. Follow the rules closely.
Open and close a transaction earning a profit on it.
Withdraw profit with any method offered.

Regular practice is required for successful Forex trading. Improve your skills anytime. You shouldn’t wait for a huge income in the beginning. Also, make sure to always weigh risks: treat trading as a business. The path to success may be long and hard but if you do it, you’ll be able to achieve great success in this matter.

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