Forex trading without investment

Income in Forex for most traders turns into a full-fledged profession. Many would like to try their hand in this field, however, it’s not always the case when a beginner has money for the deposit. The internet is full of ads advertising real income on the stock market without investment. Let’s figure out whether it is possible to earn in Forex without investing your funds and what you need for that.

Is it possible to make income in Forex without investment

Despite the fact that all transactions in the Forex market are made virtually, the platform all the same deals with real money. To earn money, you need to buy currency and then sold it. It's quite simple! However, where should you get this money to buy the currency? Actually, there are several effective methods allowing a beginner to start making money without depositing his money. Let’s cover it in more detail.

Trading without investment on a demo account

Because of high risks, lack of transaction experience and working strategy, many beginners are afraid of taking the first steps in stock trading. No one wants to risk their money. That’s why experienced market players recommend training on a virtual account. Some major brokers provide their clients with demo accounts. A trader works on his skills on this account, learns how to manage finances, makes sense of strategies. However, there’s no real money here. Nonetheless, there are several ways how to turn a virtual deposit into real income. How to do it?

Method 1

For advertising and attracting new clients, many official brokers run various contests. They take place on virtual accounts but for real money.

The beginner’s task is:

finding a broker who runs an appropriate contest;
registering a demo account for participation;
winning a prizing place;
getting an honest win.

To win contests, you need to have at least theoretical transaction skills, let alone practice. It’s important to figure out the theory, have an idea of key concepts and terms.

Method 2

You can also get real money for taking part in promos. For example, you register a demo account and get a small deposit. It is given with certain conditions. You cannot withdraw these funds, instead, you can withdraw what you’ll earn. It’s important to carefully read the contest terms and conditions since they’re different in every broker.

How to earn in Forex investment?
Besides the mentioned options, there are several more ways to make it possible to earn in the stock market without depositing money from your pocket.

Participation in affiliate programs

That’s the most simple and popular strategy. In this case, you get income for attracting new clients. Participation conditions may be different depending on the company, but they share the basic principle:

registering on the broker’s site, passing verification. This procedure takes minimum time.
getting the referral link. This link contains your unique identifier and makes it possible to determine who exactly attracted a new user.
placing the link and earning profit. You can place the link on your account page or share it on forums.

This strategy will bring you a higher profit, if you already have a popular site or account on social media. The more people use your link, the higher your income. That said, the risks of losing anything are zero.


If you’ve got enough experience, skills and knowledge, you can create an educational info product. This can be all kinds of courses, books or online lessons. However, your work should be truly helpful, otherwise, this strategy won’t yield you big money. Before you share your experience, you have to try and test it.

Trust management

This strategy suggests investors’ money management. You won’t have to invest your money. Despite seeming simplicity, in this case you need to have extensive experience and availability of special skills for earnings. That’s why it doesn’t make sense to recommend this method to beginners. To get money for trust management, you’ll have to prove that you are worth it. Keep in mind that you’ll bear liability for other people’s savings, however, the reward for this may be significant too. Good managers may get up to 50% of the income. That said, in the case of failure, you’ll lose nothing.

Communication on forums for reward

Some Forex forums offer the earning opportunity for writing messages. Of course, every resource has its requirements and conditions, which you need to study in advance. You can’t earn big money this way, but for the short haul, that'll be enough. Only regular communication within a resource with other users is required from you. By the way, it should be realized that your messages should be helpful and correspond to the subject.

Any strategy should be thoroughly studied before using. Of course, you can start making money in Forex without investment, however, it’s necessary to carefully analyze every step of yours. You can use several strategies at the same time, everything depends on your needs and desires.

Deposit bonus and No-deposit bonus

A no-deposit bonus is a kind of gift from a Forex broker for a certain amount. To get it, you don’t have to top up your account and deposit your money. All you need is to pass registration and verification.

The amount the broker put on a no-deposit account is usually minimal. Moreover, you can’t just withdraw it. There are particular conditions for it. You’ll be able to carry on trading and cut deals risking only this money. If your actions are crowned with success, and you get the profit, you’ll be able to withdraw the income to your own account. It is worth noting that many brokers provide leverage on no-deposit bonuses, which helps the trader trade with bigger lots.

A no-deposit bonus is a fair opportunity to polish your skills with no fear of losing your savings. Its amount may be different and depends on a broker, however, it rarely exceeds $50-70. It is given for one and only goal – attracting new clients.
Income in Forex without initial contribution is quite a real thing. However, to make it true you need to strictly adhere to the chosen strategy and keep in mind the possible risks.

Trading without investment: frequently asked questions
Is it real to earn money in Forex without investment?

It is quite realistic. Many Forex brokers provide their clients with this opportunity. The most popular types of income without investment are no-deposit bonuses, various contests both on real and demo accounts, affiliate programs. Nevertheless, to start earning you need to have a working strategy and at least basic knowledge of the exchange market.

How much I can earn in Forex with minimum investment?

It’s possible to earn without an initial contribution but it will be a small amount. Many traders spent years to get a stable income. However, that doesn't mean that you'll be low in the pocket. You can get the first earnings on the first days of trading. If your goal is to get big money over extended periods, you’ll have to use your best efforts to study and work on various strategies and methods, as well as to invest considerable amounts.

Why it is helpful to take part in Forex contests?

At least, there are two reasons. The first is that contests make it possible to earn money for the first deposit. The second is that it’s a great opportunity to polish your skills and knowledge. A contest may become the first important experience for a beginner.

What are the kinds of no-deposit Forex bonuses?

There are the next types of no-deposit bonuses. First ones are deposited for opening an account; the second type of bonuses are given for a certain amount. Every company has its conditions for crediting bonuses, which you need to examine carefully.

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