Easy Passive Income Ideas for Designers in 2022

By enabling people to earn money without working long hours, passive income may help people attain financial freedom and, in certain situations, even release them from the 9-to-5 workplace. One may be able to devote more time to more crucial financial objectives, such as retirement, if you have passive income.

If you are a designer, you may establish a passive income company by commercializing your creative abilities. This article will provide designers in 2022 important details about simple passive income concepts. Additionally, it will demonstrate a variety of passive income options that designers may use to boost their revenue flow.

What Is Passive Income?
As the name suggests, passive income is any money that may be earned with little to no effort. Nevertheless, other sources of passive income, like renting out real estate or starting a blog, could require your whole attention at first. Over time, you may generate a sizable income from your passive income business without putting in a lot of labor-intensive hours.

Making an online course is a great example of a side-income potential. You may make money while you sleep by investing in bonds, high yield savings accounts, dividend stocks, and rental properties, among other popular passive income strategies. Blogging, working as a silent partner, and investing in exchange-traded funds are other revenue streams.

Passive Income Strategies for Designers: Types of Passive Income

There are several passive income techniques to take into account as a graphic designer. The most typical ones include financial investments, affiliate marketing, and rental revenue. Although they have nothing to do with design as a profession, these tactics might be useful if you need more passive revenue sources.

Rental Income

You are not required to have years of real estate market knowledge to earn passive income in one of the simplest methods possible. It could, unfortunately, take some work at first. To earn a rental income, you must purchase a property and rent it to various people.

Sometimes, more seasoned individuals purchase inexpensive, damaged houses and resell them for bigger profits. Leasing a rental home is an alternative if you lack the funds to lease a property you have already paid for. You must, however, make sure that you abide by the terms of the lease.

Affiliate Marketing

A long-standing strategy for earning money passively is affiliate marketing. By marketing goods and services for goods and services that you do not own, you can make money as an affiliate. Whenever a customer follows your advise and buys the goods, you get paid.

In order to get readers to click on and buy the product, the majority of people who utilize affiliate programs frequently submit product reviews and include their links in posts. Learning about affiliate marketing will be beneficial since if you are knowledgeable about it and have a platform set up, the cash streams may be consistent.

Financial Investments

One may make a variety of financial investments as a designer to generate passive income. Mutual funds, dividend stocks, and index funds are a few popular examples. Due to their ease of management and low maintenance requirements, these assets are the ideal for passive income. They are also tax-efficient due to their low turnover rate. So, if you only have a modest sum of money to risk, go ahead and do it.

10 Best Passive Income Ideas for Designers

By producing unique material for online courses and disseminating it to the design community, you may start a business that generates passive revenue.

1. Create an Ebook

Making an ebook as a designer is a great method to get passive money. By creating an ebook on design resources and selling it on Amazon KDP, you can make money off of your expertise. Although producing your ebook might take some time at first, once you get through that point, earning money is as simple as clicking a button.

2. Sell Design Templates

To cut expenses, a lot of small company owners and entrepreneurs today prefer to work on their own designs. As a result, they frequently look for design templates that may be altered. Infographics, posters, and brochures can be created by designers who are also proficient in selling their designs as templates.

One may distribute their templates on a variety of design marketplaces. The two most well-known ones are Etsy and Creative Market. While the other is a market particularly for graphic designers, the former is an online marketplace for creatives where you may find handcrafted goods. Both platforms have great potential for generating passive income.

3. Write Guest Posts on Different Blogs

It can be challenging to run your own blog at times, and it often takes time for your attempts to pay off. Therefore, blogging is still a viable source of income. Design blogs pay competent designers highly for lessons and articles that are well-written.

Although some blogs will pay you up front for the content, others will give you a commission dependent on how many people see your piece. Based on the blog, you may make a few pennies or hundreds of dollars. A great technique to attract new readers to your own site is by guest posting.

4. Start a Blog

By blogging, you may teach people and earn money at the same time. Before you start to make any money, though, it may take some time. One should think about affiliate marketing as a solution to this issue. With affiliate marketing, you may earn a commission on each item purchased through your link while assisting manufacturers in promoting their best-selling items.

By submitting an application to websites that pay affiliate commissions, you may launch this business. One may add links from the website to your blog entries, and if readers click those links, the website will pay you a commission.

5. Make Stock Graphics

The sale of stock graphics is also possible. They have lately gained in popularity since websites must now adhere to tougher copyright rules. Additionally, in order to avoid legal problems, many websites choose to utilize stock images. You may create stock graphics as a designer and sell them on internet markets.

Additionally, you may sell the graphics through your own website shop. You may perform some research and identify relevant motifs to duplicate in order to increase your designs' chances of being purchased. You might quickly generate a reliable income.

6. Sell Physical Goods

Selling tangible products is another way to get passive income. Despite the fact that running a business may appear like a labor-intensive endeavor, there are methods to achieve it without performing the real job. T-shirts, posters, books, and other things are all sellable through dropshipping.

Operating an online business without a warehouse is known as dropshipping. Simply purchase the products from the producer and have them shipped to the customer. You don't need to store items, maintain an inventory, or pay employees. Most of the time, all you need to do is manage your website or online business. This is a great concept for a business that generates passive revenue.

7. Sell Tutorials

Several individuals search the Internet for how-to manuals and instructional material that might assist them in designing or resolving issues that may arise throughout the design process. Selling videos and booklets that guide prospective designers through generating their templates or outline the procedures of graphic designers is one way to address this problem.

Making the lessons is simple if you are knowledgeable in your subject. However, to make the movies and explain the full procedure, you might additionally require screencasting software. You may develop in-depth courses with notes and lectures if you wish to go one step further. To offer customers value for their money, you might also include instances from real life.

8. Sell WordPress Templates

One may offer WordPress templates in addition to design templates for things like posters. DIYers may be reluctant to pay such a significant cost to have a website designed, especially if they plan to use it for a tiny business that won't generate much revenue. Website developers sometimes demand a large premium to develop websites.

These folks might prefer purchasing templates over hiring web designers to complete the task. If you have the necessary skills, you may produce WordPress themes to sale on websites like Template Monster. Since many business owners are attempting to cut expenses, there is a large demand for these templates, which can be advantageous to you in the long term.

9. Create and Sell Fonts

A fantastic passive income concept and fantastic method to exercise your creative abilities is selling fonts. One may produce cool design fonts or scripts and sell them. You may start making money once you've finished the initial process of making the typeface and advertising it on a marketplace.

Since they are so adaptable, fonts are wonderful. They may be used for infographics, websites, applications, brochures, posters, weddings, conferences, and other events. If you lack design expertise, you may always use internet forums to seek help from the design community.

10. Make Printable Party Decorations

People invest a lot of effort in creating entertaining and unique party décor. You may support this sector of the economy by starting a passive income company that creates downloadable party decorations. The expense of decorating for certain weddings and events can reach thousands of dollars.

Therefore, offering printable party decorations will save your consumers money while providing you with a significant passive income. There are several online stores where you may sell the downloadable party decorations you create. Along with earning some extra cash, this endeavor can also inspire you to explore other creative outlets.

Other Ways to Make Extra Money as a Designer

Prepared packets of logos. Premade logo packages can be made, then listed on your webpage or on a marketplace. Several small firms might not be able to afford to pay logo designers. Additionally, your logos have to be editable so that the owners may personalize them.

YouTube. Generally speaking, this site is a great way to earn additional money. One may make pertinent movies and get money with each view. A camcorder and adequate lighting can be all you need to get started. Making money off of the videos you produce is easy with YouTube.

TikTok. TikTok videos may be made money, so you can utilize this platform to provide instructions or show off your creative prowess. TikTok rewards its artists, and fans may even give them gifts.

Reel Instagram. This is an additional opportunity for designers to earn extra money, similar to TikTok. Reels is a feature on Instagram that was created to let producers publish paid videos. Additionally, this can provide you with the visibility required to draw brands for influencer employment.

Influencing. One can think about becoming a design influencer if you have a sizable social media following. Organizations constantly hire celebrities with significant followings to advertise their goods.

How to Make Passive Income for Designers

If you want to get passive income, you have a lot of possibilities to choose from. Some may need a lot of early labor, but the effort is worthwhile in the long run. Whatever method of passive income you decide to use, make absolutely sure you like the process.

Additionally, you are more likely to improve your cash flow through a passive income enterprise the more abilities you possess. Consequently, you have the option of improving your design abilities. By participating in graphic design classes, you may learn a variety of skills that you can use in your career as a designer and your passive income approach.

Passive Income for Designers FAQ

How can designers make passive income?

Designers may generate passive income by launching a blog, offering lessons, authoring design-related ebooks for Amazon, engaging in affiliate marketing, or creating WordPress themes. Additionally, you may generate extra income by writing guest posts, selling digital goods, creating downloadable decorations, and reselling stock images.

What is the most profitable passive income?

The most lucrative kind of passive income is developing an online course or lesson. As businesses strive to refine them to create their own websites, design talents are in great demand. Making a comprehensive course might enable you to get a sizable income with little effort on your part.

What are the main forms of passive income?

The three primary types of passive income are asset creation, asset sharing, and investment. The most typical source of passive income is investment, which includes buying stocks, mutual funds, and real estate. These passive income streams often involve less effort than the majority and are the simplest to sustain over time.

Is crypto a passive income?

If you stake cryptocurrency, it can provide passive income. Staking is comparable to an interest-bearing savings account. Sole that it gives a considerably greater interest rate than conventional banks is the only distinction. The cryptocurrency market still has a volatility issue, which may deter many individuals from contemplating it.


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