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Best Passive Income Ideas in 2022 That Will Make You Rich

Passive income is a form of earning, which doesn’t require active actions from a person. The source of this income is assets – stocks, bonds, intellectual property, money, etc. It’s possible to create passive income at any age, and funds will be credited to your account regardless of your official employment, state of health, place of residence. However, it is important to choose the right source. This is what we’re going to discuss in this article.

How to create passive income?

Generating passive income is a long process. If you do not have spare cash to invest in the business, you need to recover your financial well-being. To this end, you need:

To pay off the debts: pay back loans, pay all your debts to other people, close credit cards, etc.
Get a safety cushion: for this, put off a part of income every month to the ‘untouchable’ account.
•Study information on investment operations: get to know profitable and the clearest instruments.

Important! Financial advisors strongly recommend against using credit funds for investment!

If you want to earn money with passive income, you have to take care of creating the source at least 5-10 years before getting interest to completely give up formal employment and enjoy your life. Hurry in this field can only do harm.

The best sources of passive income in 2022
New kinds of earnings appear every new year. If you address the formation of an investment portfolio wisely, you’ll see significant results as early as in several years. Let’s talk about what passive income sources will be relevant in 2022.

Dividend stocks

All securities may be divided into two groups: growth stocks and dividends. Growth stocks are bought for the purpose of further resale at the moment of the biggest leap in prices. Dividend stocks are acquired for the purpose of long-term generation of interest. The same securities may be both dividends and growth stocks. Everything depends on the depositor’s needs and goals. You can raise funds in this way, however, you’ll have to get a solid portfolio for this.


Exchange traded funds (ETF) hold out the opportunity of creating a balanced investment portfolio. In this case, the investor invests money in the stocks of different companies, not just one. This income is considered more reliable as in the case of a bankruptcy oа one company you still have sources of income from other enterprises. These funds operate in a next way: they create a security portfolio or a bond portfolio costing millions of dollars and then sell shares in this portfolio.


Bonds are debt obligations. When buying them, you lend funds to state or private companies. You can do it on any exchange. Moreover, you don’t need any special skills for this. Let’s look at a specific example:

A manufacturing company decided to open a new workshop. To do it, it needs money. To raise the required amount, it issued $10000 bonds. When you buy these bonds, you lend the company $10000, and the company shall refund this amount in 3 years. Over this time, you’ll get compensation for using the funds – $1000. Thus, the profitability of these bonds is 10%.

The only difficulty is that in most cases you can receive money only quarterly or half-yearly. To have stable passive income all year round you need to have many bonds with different accounting periods. Moreover, you'll have to buy up securities to sustain profit.

Renting out real properties

You may call renting out real properties a good passive income in some ways only. This option fits those who have a vacant living space, for example, inherited one. There is no point to buy an apartment specifically for this purpose. Earning from this procedure may be lower than from a bank deposit. First, you need to find responsible tenants willing to rent your apartment over an extended period under your conditions. Secondly, in the case of an emergency (flood, fire, etc.), you’ll have to invest a lot of money to recover the housing space. You won’t be able to earn big money this way.


At first sight, the idea to create your own business for the purpose of its development and then the transfer of control to the manager and receipt of funds seems a good option for passive income. However, very few can manage to found a business allowing them to earn without further investment. Any business requires continuous monitoring, involvement, and regulation. Moreover, to earn something you need to invest a lot of money and efforts to develop the cause, which may eventually go bust.


The popularity of digital currencies has been growing in recent years. Nonetheless, they cannot be called a reliable and long-lasting source of passive earning. In this case, there are too many risks. For example, because of a lack of adequate control, you may lose access to your wallet and lose your investment. Besides, the risks of influence on cryptocurrencies on the part of the state are high, including the probability of their ban. Financial advisors advise against investing in this source.

Trading on Forex

Forex is an international interbank foreign exchange market. The source of income in this case is the opportunity of buying/selling different currency pairs. In layman’s terms, you buy currency at one price, and as soon as its rate raises – you sell it and get money. Anyone can trade on Forex regardless of their gender, age, financial state and location place. Since 2007, the platform has been operating via the Internet only. You can earn income at any point in the world.

The participants of the exchange trade are called traders. However, they do not have the right to trade on Forex on their own, the platform admits only officially licensed organizations (brokers) to trades. It is through brokers that traders are permitted to participate in trades. To get a stable income on Forex, you need to study strategies in detail, or better yet, a good mentor’s help.

Passive income with automated Forex robots
If your goal is getting stable passive income on Forex, it is worth exploring the possibilities of trading robots or trading advisers. These are special software operating according to a clear algorithm. They are able to make transactions on the Forex market without human intervention.

Forex automated robots feature a number of undeniable advantages:

24/7 operation. The software will generate continuous income regardless of the time of year, time zone, daily schedule.
No human factor. The software has no emotions, it doesn’t get tired, not susceptible to stress. All its actions are fully automated, which allows reducing the error risk to a minimum.
High operation speed. Case analysis, data processing, decision-making are carried out in fractions of a second.
Working on several currency pairs. This is done by loading settings for every pair.
Receiving the entire profit. You do not need to share your income with the robot or pay it interest for its services. Proxy management may charge you up to 50% of revenue.

Automated robots help beginners avoid high risks, and experienced traders – take the maximum advantage of trading.


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