6 Passive Income Ideas For Software Developers

Anyone aspires to earning money passively while doing little to no labor.
However, developing passive income sources that may produce considerable revenue is not simple. It will require a lot of commitment and effort in the beginning. However, in the long run, it could be entirely worthwhile.

Many bloggers and YouTubers put in years of dedication only to see results from their labor after a few years. But once it begins bringing in money without them having to put in any effort, it's a strong thing.

The ability to design software is excellent. Numerous options to generate money online are provided by the expertise.

Let's talk about 6 possible strategies to get passive money as a software developer in this article:

•Info Products
•YouTube Channel
•Affiliate Marketing
•Micro SaaS products

1. Info Products:
More and more individuals are slowly producing information items such as e-books, video courses, website themes, etc. that continue to generate revenue even while they are sleeping.

The eBooks don't have to be the standard 300-page in-depth manual. It may be as easy as a 50-page booklet with concrete recommendations.

One may also create a straightforward video tape of yourself imparting knowledge on a subject that is unknown to others. Consumers love paying for information or abilities that others have on the internet.

These straightforward information packages may readily sell for between $15 and $25. You might also charge a lot more for your goods if you believe its quality to be really high.

I created a beginner's SaaS eBook and released it in June 2021. After I launched it, I only aggressively pushed it on Twitter for one month. Ever since, it has given me over five figures.

These days, I just sometimes market it while earning a respectable income. I'm delighted I invested the time and energy to produce this product that generates income when I'm asleep.

Info goods are still a terrific method to make a lot of money online, even if they aren't passive.

2. YouTube Channel:

YouTube is the way to go if you enjoy being in front of the camera and don't mind filming yourself and sharing it online.

It is one of the most well-liked methods of earning money online. Once you've made a video, you can easily generate money off of it for the rest of your life.

However, how can one profit from YouTube?

•Product reviews
•Paid promotions
•Affiliate marketing, etc.

However, one ought to be aware that using YouTube requires far more work than some of the other methods suggested in this post and is a long-term game. Even if it's challenging, the payoff is excellent.

Additionally, you won't immediately begin to make money.

Building a large following and beginning to generate any substantial income takes time.

But don't let this get you down.

Some people's YouTube channels bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars each month. You cannot even imagine earning this much money from a regular job.

3. Podcasts:

Podcasting is the best option if you enjoy talking but are uncomfortable with recording yourself.

You may record yourself discussing a certain subject, speak with other influencers in your industry, or even speak with a subject matter expert.

You and your pal might even work together to discuss some fascinating subjects.

People like listening to engaging talks. When they go for a stroll, commute, have free time, etc., they need something to listen to.

Your podcast may be made profitable using methods similar to those used by YouTube, such as adverts, sponsored promotions, affiliate marketing, etc.

4. Blogging:
Blogging is something you should look into if you enjoy writing but are uncomfortable with speaking and being recorded.

Many individuals believe that articles are no longer read and that blogs are outdated technology. That is not at all true.

Reading articles remains popular.

You are reading it right now! Are you not?

But how can creating articles earn money? I spent a very long time wondering about this myself.

Here, let's briefly go through them:

The Medium Partner Program compensates its authors to produce content that is then placed behind a paywall. Medium pays writers a portion of the revenue it receives from paying customers (who may view premium content).
Paid content: Many businesses are searching for quality articles to post on their blogs. For ghostwriting services, they compensate talented authors.
Sponsorship: Numerous websites, like HashNode, provide sponsorship schemes that let readers support writers.
Once your blog has a certain amount of traffic, you may earn money through sponsored advertisements, affiliate links, etc.

A fantastic skill to have is writing. Writing helps you get greater clarity in your thinking and fill in any knowledge gaps you may have on a subject.

I generally write articles about:

•passive income
•software development
•building online businesses
•building multiple income streams

5. Affiliate Marketing:

One of the simplest methods to start earning money online is through affiliate marketing.

I began in this manner!

In essence, you are selling someone else's goods here and getting paid a commission on each transaction.

The advantage of affiliate marketing is that you don't even need to have your own product or be an expert in the field.

You only need to understand how to offer goods to customers.

Actually innovating affiliate marketing is Gumroad.

Info product developers are becoming more and more common, and they are always asking for individuals to assist them sell their items in exchange for an affiliate commission.

However, you need a solid customer base to market your goods to. Therefore, establishing a following on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Linked In is necessary for affiliate marketing.

6. Micro SaaS products:

Building mini SaaS solutions is another well-liked but moderately challenging method.

I've never thought of creating a successful business that brings in millions of dollars. I thus always believed that I couldn't profit from this. As soon as I watched Pieter Level's video on creating mini SaaS applications, my outlook on startups was completely altered.

In essence, you create a little SaaS solution that addresses a very specific need and make tens of thousands of dollars (or a hell lot more if it goes well). A small team usually develops and oversees these. Typically, a single individual.

Your ability to design and promote tiny SaaS solutions will determine how much money you can make from them, as well as how hard the problem you're trying to solve is.

For instance, one of my pals, Simon Hiberg, created the FeedHive social media automation application. I have witnessed the product's progress from the early stages to the present, where it earns over $20,000 USD in MRR.

If you're interested in SaaS but don't believe you can create a traditional firm, you should learn more about mini SaaS startups.

A Mirco-major startup's objectives are:

•solving a small but a real problem
•working on products you love
•still making a lot of money
•freedom from working for someone else
•staying small (typically 1–5 people)


Being a software developer is on par with, if not better than, having superpowers.

You have a ton of options to generate money online thanks to it. Once you have earned your first dollar, earning money online is not that tough.

Develop this talent and work to create several sources of income that you may use to earn money while you sleep.

It's wonderful to earn money when you're sleeping.

You've reached the article's conclusion. Never stop there. Choose the approach that best suits you, learn more about it, and get to work right now.


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